EM BASICS wants to see everyday women, regular but spectacular women!!

We want to see EM basics women in the comfort of their homes, doing what they do best!

Working, mothering, cooking, creating, staying positive while achieving. 

We want to embrace and empower women with a story.

Meet Cherine Khoury, film director and mother to be.

As she's preparing to meet her baby, Cherine took the time to show us how she's spending her time at home wearing our famous Linen Kimonos.

Q: What inspires you?

Faces, characters, people. The eyes , look and gaze of people, mostly.
I love trying to make up some people’s stories just by looking at their facial expressions. Their eyes tend to tell stories.
I am super inspired by people honestly, when I think of writing something it usually comes from a person I exchanged a look with on the street, or someone whose persona is so strong it gets you moving.
I can spend a full day just looking at people crossing the street getting on with their daily life and routine.
I love human connections, interactions and getting to know people.

I guess that’s why one of my favorite parts in film making is the casting session, getting to know people, starting to see the story get to life with them, adding their own touch to the character we are after. 

Q: What does it mean to be a modern working woman?

I think women have always been super hard working, whether at home or on the ground. Women have a certain rigor and discipline that I feel gets them going.

Q: How did it feel to work during your pregnancy?

I actually got to work a bit during my pregnancy before the Covid-19 lockdown.
But I just loved it ! It felt so good, so energizing to be working and keeping busy.
I also love love love my job which is always helpful in the process.
And I always felt it’s nice to be accompanied by baby ..

Q: What’s your favorite thing about working with other woman?

There is a certain sensitivity, a connection that occurs with some of the women I work with.
There are also great friendships that are weaved during a project, and when I happen to create a new girlfriend, just like when we were kids, but in the workspace, I just feel so grateful. 


Q: How do you feel wearing EM basics?

I feel super light even with an exponential growing bump.
What I also love about EM basics is the multi-faceted ways you could mix and match some pieces, creating different looks whilst still having your own style.
One of my favorite early pregnancy winter attires was actually an EM basics sweater so comfy and warm and at the same time accessorized properly got me out of bed with style 

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